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Known Issues (v0.9.2se):
- Exiting the program using HOME button may not work in Edit screen
  * Workaround: Use analog-stick [<] to exit the program
- If uo_Ograniser is run from within iR Shell, you may experience exiting to
  the XMB menu directly when you quit uo_Ograniser after a folder read/write
  operation. The following message "The game could not be started.
  (80010002)" may be displayed on the XMB menu. This symptom is normal
  * Workaround: Run uo_Ograniser directly from the XMB menu -OR- Toggle ignore
                on iR Shell title if you wish to perform folder repair/restore
- Program may crash during initialisation
  * Workaround: Restart your PSP and try again

TODO List:
- Sort FW1.0 Homebrews
- Display the actual program title obtained from the EBOOT.PBP file

v0.9.2se [2006.10.10]
   New: Support for GAME150 folder scheme in Dark_AleX's 2.71 SE-A Custom
        Firmware mod

v0.9.2 [2006.08.25]
   New: Custom List Order allows you to restore the list order from a previous
        Save/Organise session
   New: Option to save list order before quitting the program
   New: Logo design and XMB background wallpaper
   New: Screen backgrounds updated with tabbed effects
   New: Repair rare instances of folder names with '%' appended to both ends
Change: The captured screen files are now saved to the folder named SCRNCAPS
        under the ms0:/uo_Ogr folder
Change: Minor change in menu layout to accommodate Custom List Order feature
Change: Further code optimisation from the previous version
Bugfix: Minor cosmetic bug fixes

v0.9.1 [2006.08.03]
   New: The following KXploit folder name schemes are updated and supported in
        this version:
	1. foldername
	2. __sce__foldername
	3. folde                          1
	4. folde                          _
	5. foldername_____________________1
	6. foldername                     1
	7. foldername                     _
	8. foldername______________________
   New: Add support to iR Shell compatible folder name scheme! This version
        uses a modified version of scheme #6 (as shown above) to hide the
        corrupted data icons in the XMB menu.
   New: The following folder name schemes are supported:
	1. __SCE & %__SCE      (corrupted data icons will not show in XMB menu)
	2. iR Shell Compatible (corrupted data icons will not show in XMB menu)
        3. FOLDER & FOLDER%    (corrupted data icons will show in XMB menu)
   New: The following folder name scheme conversions are supported:
        1. __SCE & %__SCE      -=> FOLDER & FOLDER%
        2. __SCE & %__SCE      -=> iR Shell Compatible
	3. iR Shell Compatible -=> FOLDER & FOLDER%
        4. iR Shell Compatible -=> __SCE & %__SCE
        5. FOLDER & FOLDER%    -=> __SCE & %__SCE
        6. FOLDER & FOLDER%    -=> iR Shell Compatible
   New: Ignore toggle gives flexibility to omit title(s) in the repair list
        that are known not to work if the folder names are changed
   New: Folder names are automatically checked and repaired so they will
        display in the XMB menu
   New: Exit program via analog-stick [<] in Splash screen
   New: On-screen Error Codes quick reference guide (accessible from the
        Summary Report screen)
   New: Screen capture utility now supports multiple screen shots
Change: Screen capture files are now saved to the folder named SCREENSHOTS in
        the uo_Ograniser program folder
Change: Modified folder name collision detection routine. Program no longer
        generates an unique random key to append to the folder name
Change: TRIANGLE, SQUARE & CIRCLE button functions are reassigned
Change: Reorganised menu layout
Change: Optimised code to minimise instances of program crashing during startup
Change: Restore Original List feature disabled due to broken implementation
Bugfix: Program settings are lost when the Quit menu is displayed and returned
        back to the previous menu
Bugfix: Minor cosmetic bug fixes

v0.9.0a [2006.07.21]
   New: The following KXploit folder naming conventions are supported
        (this updated version adds support to format 4 & 5):
	1. foldername
	2. __sce__foldername
	3. folde                          1
	4. folde                          _
	5. foldern________________________1
   New: Screen capture in Splash screen
   New: Homebrew installation guide in Readme.txt

v0.9.0 [2006.07.20] (initial release, modded from Ograniser-w_SCE_)
   New: Splash screen
   New: Edit screen
   New: Ogranise screen
   New: Summary Report screen
   New: Message context screens
   New: Status bar to display help messages
   New: Sort list in ascending/descending order
   New: Restore FW1.5 list back to original list after editing
   New: New/existing buttons are assigned/re-assigned
   New: Graphical battery life indicator
   New: Check battery life > ~10% / ac adaptor is plugged-in before allowing
        permanent changes to be written to the memory stick
   New: Option to hide/show (repair/restore) corrupted data icons in the XMB
   New: Option to hide/show KXploit folders in the Edit screen
   New: Summary Report screen will be generated after the shortcuts are
        organised (for reporting and bug tracking)
   New: Progress bar indicator while the shortcuts are being organised
Change: Reorganised menu layout
Change: Screen capture now saved to ms0:/Ogranise.png
Change: Display listing has option to hide/show the '%__SCE' and '%' symbols
Change: Original list renamed to FW1.0 Homebrew and now displays FW1.0
        homebrew titles
Change: LUA Player updated from v0.16 to v0.20 MOD 2, program source code
        updated to utilise new functions not available in the previous LUA
Bugfix: Eboot.pbp lost if the shortcut directory contains more than 1 file.
        This version now supports multiple files in the shortcut directory!